Reducing energy, Reducing cost.

Shangufeng Air Conditioning Energy-saving Device is a specially designed energy-saving device targeting the existing air conditioning inventory market.

Back ground of Shangufeng Air Conditioning Energy-saving Device.

It belongs to the trillion-dollar new industry track.

The global demand for low-carbon environmental solutions.

Several renowned low-carbon environmental initiatives have been implemented worldwide, encompassing prominent examples such as the Paris Agreement, European Green Deal, California's Low Carbon Fuel Standard, and China's National Emissions Trading System, among others.

With a substantial existing inventory of air conditioners.

According to a recent report by the IEA, there is a projected global increase in the number of air conditioners from 2 billion to 5.6 billion by the mid-century. This surge is anticipated to lead to a substantial rise in greenhouse gas emissions, particularly from coal and gas-fired power plants, consequently contributing to the issue of global warming.

Worldwide Exclusive energy-saving technology for air conditioning.

Shangufeng's breakthrough energy-saving and power-saving technologies have yielded numerous patented innovations, enabling energy-intensive air conditioners across the globe to achieve a remarkable reduction in energy consumption of over 30%.

Outstanding performance of the air conditioner energy-saving device.

Shangufeng's patented technology, exclusively available worldwide.

Increased Energy Efficiency by Over 30%

Experience a revolutionary enhancement in energy efficiency by installing the Shangufeng air conditioner energy-saving device. With this innovative device connected to your air conditioner compressor, you can witness remarkable energy savings of more than 30%.

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Quick Resolution of Overheating Protection Issues

Shangufeng air conditioner energy-saving device is designed to regulate and stabilize the temperature of the compressor, effectively preventing it from overheating. By maintaining optimal operating conditions, the device ensures the longevity and reliability of your air conditioner, eliminating the need for frequent system shutdowns due to overheating.

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Rapid Cooling and Improved Air Conditioning Capacity

Upon installation, the device optimizes the air conditioner's cooling capabilities, enabling it to deliver faster and more efficient cooling. Experience the swift reduction of indoor temperature as the device enables your air conditioner to cool the space rapidly and effectively.

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Remarkable Energy and Power Savings with Reduced Heat Emissions

The device not only optimizes energy efficiency but also actively reduces heat emissions from the outdoor unit. By regulating the compressor's power consumption, the device effectively lowers the temperature of the outdoor unit, resulting in reduced heat emissions. This reduction in heat emissions translates into further energy savings, contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly operation of your air conditioner.

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Composition of air-conditioning energy-saving devices

The careful composition and integration of these elements form a cohesive solution.

The air conditioner achieves over 30% energy savings.

The combination of the Shangufeng air conditioner energy-saving device and intelligent control device enables energy savings of 30% in high-energy-consuming and high-emission air conditioning systems across numerous households. By retrofitting all existing air conditioners, a minimum of 200 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity can be saved globally each year, making a substantial impact on energy conservation.

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