Shangufeng Air conditioning energy-saving device

Shangufeng Air Conditioning's Energy-Saving Device:

Introducing the Shangufeng Compressor Energy Efficiency Booster, an exclusive patented product unrivaled in the global market. Meticulously crafted from over 50 specialized materials and engineered with a state-of-the-art heat dissipation structure, this device is specifically designed for refrigeration compressors. By seamlessly integrating with the compressor, installation becomes effortless, facilitating rapid heat dissipation.

The installation process is straightforward: simply affix the booster to the air conditioner compressor, and witness an instant surge in efficiency. On average, the Shangufeng Energy Efficiency Booster elevates energy efficiency by approximately 30%. This breakthrough technology serves as an indispensable tool for air-conditioning companies, empowering them to enhance product energy efficiency while simultaneously reducing production costs.

Intelligent Control Device:


In conjunction with our air-conditioning energy-saving devices, we proudly present the Intelligent Control Device—a bespoke, advanced system tailored to optimize energy efficiency. Equipped with temperature sensing capabilities, automatic electricity consumption tracking, and real-time monitoring of energy-saving effects, this device serves as a data hub for comprehensive energy management in Shangufeng air-conditioning energy-saving projects.

The combined power of the Shangufeng Air Conditioner Energy-Saving Device and the Intelligent Control Device yields remarkable results. This dynamic duo has the potential to reduce electricity consumption by 30% in thousands of households equipped with energy-intensive and high-emission air-conditioning systems.

By harnessing our cutting-edge technologies, Shangufeng Air Conditioning is spearheading the charge towards sustainable and energy-efficient solutions for a greener future.

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