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In the installation process of air conditions, numerous tight spaces are encountered, particularly in office buildings, supercenters, theaters, and other installation environments. The clustering of outdoor units in a single location leads to inadequate air circulation and substantial temperature elevation, reaching up to approximately 60 degrees Celsius. Consequently, the outdoor units enter a thermal protection state, resulting in poor cooling performance and diminished cooling capacity, which can be as low as one-third of the design capacity. Moreover, in this non-cooling state , power consumption remains constant, yet the increased temperature and current draw lead to elevated power consumption.

These challenges pose a vexing dilemma for air conditioner installers and maintenance workers. Users often resort to spending significant sums, such as replacing overload protectors, in attempts to address this issue, but they fail to resolve the underlying problem.

Shangufeng Energy-Saving and Power-Saving Device offers an effective solution to the thermal protection issue in air conditions, regardless of the installation environment. This device promptly alleviates the thermal protection problem soon after installation.

Our Core Strengths:


  • Advantage 1: Patent Protection and Market Exclusivity: Our product is fortified with patent protection, ensuring legal security and market exclusivity.
  • Advantage 2: Integrated Solution Based on Core Technology: The product encompasses an integrated solution that harnesses principles of physics, chemistry, and structure. With mastery of the core technology, counterfeit versions have no impact.
  • Advantage 3: Cost-Control and Reasonable Pricing: We prioritize cost control and set reasonable pricing to ensure accessibility to the general public. Our commitment to popularity contributes to the global initiative of reducing carbon emissions.
  • Advantage 4: Vast Market Potential and Ongoing Innovation: The market demand for our product is substantial, and we continuously extend and innovate our industrial chain, introducing new products that unlock unlimited possibilities in the market.
  • Advantage 5: Meeting Double-Carbon Energy-Saving Needs: Our solution aligns with the global imperative of double-carbon energy-saving. As we progress, the attention and support of governments at all levels become readily attainable, aiding our development endeavors.

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